Friday, November 30, 2007

ballroom! process work

hey peoples here is some process work. i've been trying to integrate the shape based stuff into my painting. wow its hard. but i was looking at the rataouille book! love the colors which i am "borrowing" for this ball room scene.
i also notics how broad the strokes are ane definitely less is mORE. so i have to keep simplifying! ;-)

fee free to point out some funny things if you don't like them. ;p

just doing a grasaille before the color.


Cwarzecha said...

Love where this is going, but I think the perspective breaks up a bit (sometimes I use boxes in Maya to establish that). It almost has an air of Craig Mullins about it. I am not sure why but, I like it. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah okay.. i didn'ts ee it before but the horizons on the lef t of th emain colmn don't match up. it seems like two different senses of space. hmmm.
just some more repetition of easily recognized same shapes and basic linear perspective. ;p