Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello and Thank You

Hi guys! First off I want to thank Lizbeth and Oth for inviting me. I think joint blogs are a great because you can really get some great feedback. And I have looked through the entire blog (archives and all) and I have to say there is some great stuff on here too. But on to my first post, here is just a couple of my sketchbook/ character design stuff I put together for my portfolio. What do you guys think?


othbot said...

hola welcome. yay!
i like the guys on the top.

its a nice level of detail w/o obstructing good clean shape ;p

that guy in the green looks and asian john. hehehe. i think its because of the skin color and his eyes are so pointy.

othbot said...

hey matt did you want to take a steven silver character design class with me. is online though. at

its $1000 though. perhaps i will save up all of my christmas money for it.

Lizbeth Quispe said...

Hey Matt. You've got some nice designs here. I think the two designs that stick out to me the most are: the girl in the second page in the top left corner, and the little octopus monster in the birthday hat in the third page. They feel to me to have something to say. It's hard to explain. Like, the girl looks like a very sarcastic artsy girl. And I feel a bit sorry for the little octopus monster because he looks so small and trying to get attention. It's like he was trying to yell to get some help to unwrap his presents because it would obviously be a challenge if you had tentacle arms. You've got a lot of nice clean shapes in your designs, but I feel like they're alittle too methodical. I don't know if that makes any sense. I just feel like some of their personalities could be pushed further...I guess the word for it would be to be caricatured more. But like I said before, I like the clean shapes you've got going. It's nice to see your stuff up here.

I would be very jealous of you all if you go to the steven silver design class. I might join after the school year ends.

Well, take care guys. Nice work.

Gail said...

Hey, I'm glad you joined. These are fun drawings. I really like the one on the top left.

othbot said...

;p yah lizbeth you alway find the not so obvious stuff. i totally missed those.

i'm such a sucker for things in color. i miss out on the pencil stuff sometimes.